Wedding DJ vs Wedding Band. This is a question that plagues every engaged couple. Should we hire a Band or a Wedding DJ? Unfortunately, there is no one correct answer to this question. This boils down to the preference of the Bride & Groom and a few key factors. Let’s take a look into the pros and cons of both forms of entertainment.



A typical wedding band

Hiring a band to perform at your wedding is usually a traditional approach to entertainment. Bands carry with them a sense of prestige in comparison to hiring a wedding DJ service. However, through the years we have seen a decline in bands performing at weddings. It is ultimately up to the couple to choose which options suits them best and reflects their vision for the big day.


  • A great band with a good lead singer can energize the crowd and bring even the guests who aren’t likely to dance onto the dance floor.
  • Great for receptions with an older guest count.
  • Symbolizes prestige and an upscale feel.
  • If you are of foreign nationality, then bands usually do a better job in catering to the crowd. Jewish, Greek and Polish bands are known to do an amazing job.
  • A live band will always trump a recorded song being played. It’s a feeling you can’t really explain.


  • Bands can tend to be more expensive than a wedding DJ service. Usually a few thousands more.
  • Bands take breaks.
  • If you are feeding your vendors, then vendor meals can be costly. A band can range from 4 members to a larger number of musicians and you have to account for each of their meals.
  • A band will require a larger space to set up.
  • Additional charges may apply when a band is hired. Some examples are stages and electrical drops to accommodate all the equipment used.
  • You may have to rent additional lighting equipment from other vendors since the band is usually focused on musical equipment. Uplighting, string lighting, and intelligent lighting may have to be outsourced to another company adding to the price tag.
  • A band usually focuses on a few genres that they are known for performing. You will be limited to the songs that the band is comfortable performing.
  • A less talented band might butcher the rendition of songs you hold dear to your heart.



View from the DJ Booth

Wedding DJ’s can be seen and heard in the thousands at every wedding celebration. The cost of hiring a DJ vs a band sometimes goes in the favor of the DJ. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of picking a Wedding DJ.


  • A DJ has access to thousands of songs and can easily play any song title the couple or guests wish for.
  • DJ’s do not take breaks and can play for the length of the reception without any interruption.
  • DJ’s are thousands of dollars cheaper than the alternative option.
  • DJ’s can provide you with professional grade lighting fixtures and many other add-ons that you might require. You will not have to contact multiple vendors to get what is needed.
  • A wedding DJ can have multiple systems in place for ceremonies, cocktail hour and reception.
  • A DJ doesnโ€™t require a large area to set up.


  • There are more bad, unqualified DJs in the market than bad bands. You will have to make sure you hire the right team.
  • The presence of a band on stage vs a DJ in a corner is visually pleasing and upscale.
  • Older guests tend to prefer a band over a DJ
  • A band will out-perform a DJ at foreign weddings.


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