When booking a wedding DJ service looking at add-ons they offer might be prudent. “How do I make my wedding stand out from every other reception out there?” This is a question that every couple faces at some point in their planning process. We have all seen the various cheesy setups on Pinterest and other sites. So here are a few options from a wedding DJ’s point of view.


The first dance is one of the most special events during your reception. This is also one of the most photographed. The first dance celebrates the first time you dance together as a married couple and also signifies the opening of the dance floor to all other guests attending. A cardinal sin that a lot of wedding DJ’s make during this event is to blast the dance floor with dance lights. This dance should always remain simple, elegant and romantic. Adding “disco lights” to this dance not only ruins the pictures taken by the photographer by adding various shades of light on the beautiful dress the bride adorns but it also takes away from the novelty of a classic first dance. Therefore, a great addition to your first dance would be the dry ice effect. This gives you a sense of something magical, fairytale-like and the feeling of dancing in the clouds. Most venues, photographers and videographers frown upon the use of any sort of haze or fog. Fog & haze can not only fill the room with a mist and ruin photos but has the ability to set off fire alarms and sprinkler systems. The good news about dry ice is that it steers clear of any disasters. It will leave no residue and also won’t rise more than a couple of feet from the floor. This creates an awesome photo opportunity for the photographer and delivers the wow effect among your guests. A definite home run that will stand out!

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Uplighting falls under the category of ambiance lighting. The purpose that it serves is to enhance the look of the space. Today’s uplighting can be programmed to create thousands of colors. If you have a theme color for your decor the lighting can also mirror that theme. The lights work great against draping, bare walls and pillars. However, they aren’t effective against windows or glass. You can pick anything you want to be enhanced and uplighting will create an awesome look for you. Work with a company that offers wireless uplighting. This way you will not have to worry about cables running throughout your venue. Some of the latest models can last up to 15 hours on one charge and the colors can be controlled via a DMX controller. When the dance floor opens you can also create a completely different look by programming the lights to have a chase effect or change colors to the tempo (sound to light) of the song performed.



It’s 2019 and if your Wedding DJ is still using mirror balls, strobes, and police lights then all the best! Todays technology lets us acheive various looks based on your tastes and lets us customize a light show that is exclusively yours. If you’ve been to any large concert or have watched an award show on TV then you will understand Intelligent lighting. Wikipedia has this definition; “Intelligent lighting refers to stage lighting that has automated or mechanical abilities beyond those of traditional, stationary illumination. Although the most advanced intelligent lights can produce extraordinarily complex effects, the intelligence lies with the designer of the control system rather than the programmer of the show or the lighting operator. For this reason, intelligent lighting is also known as automated lighting, moving lights or moving heads” However to break it down in simple terms, Intelligent lighting lets us tell the light what color to be, where to project the light, which design (gobo) to use, what speed to move at and many other options. What this means to you at your reception is a mini-light show production. This will be tasteful and visually pleasing as opposed to the stationary lightings that just purge random colors.

dream house productionsdream house productions dream house productions


Add an image, initials, names, dates or any other ideas you have to create a custom monogram. The image can be focused on a wall, draping, curtains, the dancefloor or any other surface of your choice. I have had clients use a family emblem to showcase or have had the bridal party names projected on a surface as they were called out during the introductions. We’ve even had animated monograms displayed for clients. All in all the monogram is a great choice to set your reception apart from others.

chicago indian wedding dj chicago indian wedding dj chicago indian wedding dj


Sparkulars (Cold Spark Effect) is a new effect to enter the market. This gives you the ability to create a pyrotechnics display without having to deal with actual fire or sparks. Pyrotechnics have always be relegated to outdoor venues due to the danger in dealing with flames. The cold spark effect is a fountain of sparks that creates an amazing illusion and is 100% safe. You cannot burn any carpets or floors. What’s more, you can even touch the sparks without inflicting any harm to yourself. This is a great feature to impress your guests during your introductions or while you have your first dance. This is brand new on the market so not too many people have experienced this. This would be a great addition to your wedding package.



A projector is a great addition to your set up. You can use a projector & screen in various instances. We have had our clients use it for slide shows that could be displayed during the cocktail hour or during dinner at the reception. You can create a slide show using the groom’s photos as a kid, the bride’s photos as a kid and then combined photos of when the couple started dating. We have also offered our screens to videographers and photographers to use to display same day edits. We had a couple that had a grandparent that was too sick to travel. The family recorded a video message from the grandparent and we displayed it on the screen. This was a pleasant surprise to the bride and groom. Lastly, if you have a large space with a huge guest count then projecting the live feed would be a great option too.

chicago indian wedding dj chicago indian wedding dj chicago indian wedding dj


Something that can take it over the top at your wedding reception is an LED Video Wall DJ Facade. You can use the wall during cocktail hour and dinner to display an image of your choice or feature a monogram. During dancing, the screen will display graphics that you can choose from a library of animations. If you think this is over the top you can also request your Wedding DJ to provide you with a plain DJ Facade. This helps in hiding all the cables left behind by messy DJ’s and gives the DJ booth a clean look.

chicago wedding dj chicago wedding dj chicago wedding dj

We will keep adding to this thread and keep an eye out for everything new and cool in the Wedding DJ Business. If you are celebrating your wedding in the Chicago Land area or any states around IL you can reach out to Dream House Productions to provide you with any of the above-mentioned add-ons. You can get a quote at www.dreamhouseprod.com/inquiry 

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