An Indian Wedding Ceremony us unlike any other. Rich in tradition and culture the Indian Wedding Ceremony is filled with various blessing and celebrations. Even though the Hindu Ceremony might have a slight variation depending on where in India the families come from, for the most part, the program listed below is true. Let’s look into the program of an Indian Wedding Ceremony and identify what each event means.

JAAN AAGMAN (Groom’s Arrival)

The groom, his family, and friends travel to the ceremony dancing and showing off their best moves in a bid to impress the bride and her party.

POKHANA (Groom’s Welcome)

The bride’s family welcomes the groom and his family at the main entrance with garlands and aarti (fire prayer). The groom will then put his manhood to the test and crush a clay pot (samput) to display his power and skill to overcome any obstacles in the marriage.

GANESH POOJA (Lord of Blessings)

The wedding ceremony starts with a prayer to Lord Ganesh, the remover of all obstacles.

MADHUPARK (Honoring of the Groom)

The Groom is escorted to the Mandap and welcomed by the Bride’s mother where she will wash his feet and offer him yogurt, honey and ghee (madhupark) for purity and sweetness.

KANYA AAGMAN (The Bride’s Entrance)

The Bride makes her grand entrance down the aisle to the Mandap. The Bride & Groom will then exchange garlands symbolizing their mutual consent to proceed with the wedding ceremony.

KANYA DAAN & HASTAMELAP (Giving away the Bride)

The Brides mother joins the hands of the Bride and Groom declaring that she hands her daughter to the care of the Groom. She then seeks a pledge from Jason of his enduring love and security in caring for her daughter. The Groom scarf is tied to the Bride’s, signifying their marital bond.

MANGAL PHERA & AGNI POOJA (Commitment to Life’s Goal)

The Bride and Groom will walk around the fire four times seeking the four goals of human life:

Dharma: To lead a life guided by a moral compass and a sense of purpose.
Artha: To achieve prosperity, happiness, and wealth.
Kama: To live and love passionately.
Moksha: To attain wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

SAPTAPADI (The Seven Steps)

The Bride and Groom take seven steps near the fire representing the seven vows.

  1. To provide nourishment to one another.
  2. To grow together in strength.
  3. To attain prosperity and share wealth.
  4. To attain happiness together.
  5. To be blessed with strong and loving children.
  6. To live a long life of togetherness and love.
  7. To be true campanions in the journey of life.

The couple will then exchange wedding rings.

MANGAL SUTRA & SINDOOR (Symbol of Matrimony)

The Groom applies sandoor (vermillion powder) onto the parting of the Bride’s hair and gives her a mangalsutra (secred necklace). Both are seen as symbols of a married woman.

KANSAR & AKHAND SAUBHAGYAWATI (First meal and blessings)

The Bride and Groom will offer sweets to each other as a symbol of union. Then, married women from both sides will whisper “Akhand Saubhagyawati” (good wishes for a long and happy married life).

ASHIRVADA (Final Blessings)

The priest recites the final blessings while the parents and relatives bestow their blessings by showering them with rice and flowers.

VIDAI (Farewell)

A farewell to the Bride from her family and friends as she goes with her husband to her new family.


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