Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times of a couples life. Among other things, the cost of a Chicago Wedding DJ will soon be a question on your mind. The weddingΒ venue, the wedding planner, the church, the wedding dress, the wedding photographer, the wedding videographer, the caterer, the wedding cake, the decorator, and the list goes on and on. We are here to talk about the Wedding DJ. DJs just like every other vendor can be categorizedΒ into various grades based on skill, experience, and price. A good DJ can ensure you lasting memories of your reception and will be talked about for years to come. A bad one can equate to even a divorce. No, really a bad DJ can ruin everything you envisioned all your life. So let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. Keep in mind that you might find a gem at a cheap price and you also might find a train wreck at an exuberant cost. Do your research, read reviews, make sure you thoroughly interview your candidate that is about to perform at the most important day in your life. Its completely understandable that everyone doesn’t have the luxury to hire the best wedding DJ in the city, so this will also serve as a little light-hearted insight into what you get for the amount you spend. Here is a look at how that break down may appear in a big city like Chicago.

Mr. Craigslist

Equipment:Β He might have got the latest DJ controller from Toys R Us and a couple of speakers from Radio Shack (Are they even in business?)
Experience: Performed a few times at grandma’s bingo night.
Reliability: It’s safe to say you might lose your deposit.
Professionalist Score (Scale of 1-10): 1.2
Understanding Weddings Score (Scale of 1-10):Β 0
Skill: Has no clue how to DJ. Usually uses software to sync 2 songs together or waits till a song to end and starts the next.
Library:Β About 90% of his music consist of YouTube rips. Will not have a vast selection of genres. Mostly music he/she likes to listen to.
Pros: This DJ might be really good and is just starting his career. He is looking for experience and gigs to add to his resume.
Cons:Β You just “didn’t” save a bunch of money by switching to Mr. Criaglist.
Summary: I would do my best to stay clear of this type of DJ. You are more than likely better off not having a DJ and purchasing an iPod and renting a speaker. Heres the link to Apple.
Price Range: $ 150.00 – $ 300.00

The Family Friend

Equipment:Β He purchased his equipment used from Mr. Craiglist for the wedding.
Experience: He is the guy with a wife beater, cargo pants, dress shoes and white socks spinning at your family BBQ. He just printed business cards at Kinko’s to distribute at your wedding.
Reliability: He/she will show up.
Professionalist Score (Scale of 1-10): 2.4
Understanding Weddings Score (Scale of 1-10):Β 0
Skill: Has no clue how to DJ. Usually uses software to sync 2 songs together or waits till a song to end and starts the next.
Library:Β About 90% of his music consist of YouTube rips. Will not have a vast selection of genres. Mostly music he/she likes to listen to.
Pros: You can scream at him when he screws up. He is family!
Cons:Β All your friends just left the wedding after dinner to go enjoy a pint down at the closest watering hole.
Summary:Β Getting the “family discount” isn’t the best option for such an important day. Hire a professional!
Price Range: $ 300.00 – $ 500.00

The Weekend Warrior

Equipment:Β He has low-end equipment he purchased at Costo while picking up some Rotissary Chicken for dinner.
Experience: He has a good day job. So he picked up DJing as a hobby. He likes to practice at home and likes finding an excuse to leave home to take a break from his nagging wife.
Reliability: Somewhat reliable. This is his only gig for the next 3 months.
Professionalist Score (Scale of 1-10): 4
Understanding Weddings Score (Scale of 1-10):Β 2-3
Skill: Understands a little on how to blend 2 songs. Still, a long way to go.
Library:Β About 80% of his music consist of YouTube rips. Will not have a vast selection of genres. Mostly music he/she likes to listen to.
Pros: He wants your business and will do anything to try and please you.
Cons:Β Your friends waited about 30 minutes longer than “The Family Friend” to go grab a pint at a bar.
Summary:Β The weekend warrior is a start. You might get a decent job out of him/her. Still a big risk but if your budget is in the way this might be the way to go.
Price Range: $ 500.00 – $ 900.00

Mr. Walmart

Equipment: He has the Ford Focus of equipment. Good but not awesome. Not always visually pleasing but it does itsΒ job.
Experience: He does a ton of weddings. He’s been in the industry for a long time. Completely understand the flow of a wedding.
Reliability: Very reliable. He/ she is a real business and does weddings on a full-time basis.
Professionalist Score (Scale of 1-10): 7
Understanding Weddings Score (Scale of 1-10):Β 8-9
Skill: Basic knowledge of DJing. The focus of this individual isn’t DJing skills. The focus is more based on song selection and executing a wedding program.
Library:Β About 20% of his music is YouTube rips but he also has a music pool subscription. For the most part, he will have a good selection of genres and music.
Pros: He can be trusted and depended on because he is a real company and does this 50-100 times a year.
Cons: The DJΒ doesn’t understand the art of DJing and maintaining energy through the course of the night. He will go from Frank Sinatra to the Venga Boys at a drop of a dime. He is also very likely to teach you how to do a line dance and talk on the mic till your ears bleed. This DJ does soo many weddings a year that your wedding might just be a name on his calendar. So you might not get the attention you need.
Summary:Β I would consider this type of DJ if your choice is based on price and reliability.
Price Range: $ 900.00 – $ 1,300.00

wedding dj cost

The Company Name

Equipment: You aren’t sure what you get because this is a huge company with 20+ DJ’s and staff. They hire DJs to keep up with the number of inquiries they get. Therefore one of the stipulations of getting a job with this wedding DJ service is owning your own equipment. Depending on the DJ they assign to you, you might end of with great equipment or equipment that is likely to fail on you.
Experience: The company has a lot of experience in the wedding industry and they cater to about 200-300 weddings a year. The sales staff are very knowledgable but this isn’t always true in the case of the DJ they pair you with. These companies have a high turnover and actually function more as a booking agency. They retain a commission from what is paid to the DJ. Usually around 30-40%.
Reliability: Very reliable. The large size of this company means that even in the case of an emergency they have the ability to send in a replacement on short notice.
Professionalist Score (Scale of 1-10): 7
Understanding Weddings Score (Scale of 1-10):Β 7
Skill: Very basic knowledge of Djing.
Library:Β About 10% of his music is YouTube rips but he also has multiple music pool subscription. For the most part, he will have a good selection of genres and music. The company can also provide DJs with the required music.
Pros: You pay for the company name and reputation. So you can be assured you will have a DJ present and they will do a decent job.
Cons: This might be a little lengthy but I’ll explain. First, since they are taking such a huge cut as a booking fee from the DJ, the individual performing at your wedding usually ends up making around $ 780.00 – $ 900.00. Therefore you are really hiring the “Weekend Warrior” at a higher price bracket. The DJ usually owns their own wedding business too but picks up gigs from the “The Company Name” to keep their schedule ticking. So often times the effort put into his/ her own business vs someone else’s DJ services can reflect in the job they do. Lastly, if this DJ is offered a higher price for a wedding on the same date under the company they own, then the chances are that the DJ will inform the company that he/she isn’t available even after signing a contract. Usually, these companies have a high number of very negative reviews among the 450 positive ones.
Summary:Β If you are a slave to a brand then this is your pick. Personally, I would hire “Mr. Wallmart” over “The Company Name” on any day!
Price Range: $ 1,300.00 – $ 1,750.00

wedding dj cost


Equipment:Β They use top of the line equipment. Brands like QSC, Pioneer, JBL, RCF, EV, Shure, Chauvet would be choices this Wedding DJ serviceΒ would pick. Their packages reflect the equipment being used. For example, some companies will sell you the same sound system for a 500 guest count or larger venue and also sell you the same package for a 100 guest count celebration. Even though this company might have multiple DJ’s on a roster on any given night, the equipment would come from the Wedding DJ service and not the individual. Therefore you have a uniform system in place and equipment that you can count on.
Experience: The DJ working for “The MVP” wedding DJ service has been trained thoroughly and shadow a tenured DJ before they can go out on their own. They abide by the companies methodology and approach to weddings. They work exclusively for this said company.
Reliability: Extremely reliable and will go to any length to provide you with an amazing experience. The resources of this company both in talent and equipment means that in the case of any emergency arrangements can be made to fix any issues and rectify any problem.
Professionalist Score (Scale of 1-10): 10
Understanding Weddings Score (Scale of 1-10):Β 10
Skill: The DJ has years of experience. He can blend songs and switch between genres seamlessly without hurting the flow or mood in the room. They also have the ability to read a crowd and constantly keeps an eye on the dance floor to monitor the energy level. The open dance part of the night is a showcase of talent mixing oldies with new hits and keeping everyone from the oldest guest to the toddlers tapping their toes.
Library: Multiple music pool subscriptions and DJ edits. If a song is ever missing they will purchase the song instead of pirating a low-quality file. The Library consists of radio edits and regular versions to suit the needs of the client.
Pros: You are in good hands. You have someone to perform on the biggest night of your life that has spent years mastering his/her craft in the art form of DJing. The dancefloor will be full of energy and packed the whole night. Everything from the beginning of the celebration to the last song will be coordinated and executed to plan. Many of your friends will talk about this night for a long time to come.
Cons: The only downside to this service may be the cost associated with hiring this wedding DJ service. Not everyone can afford such a service.
Summary: Weddings are an expensive affair and we as one of the “The MVP” level Wedding DJ Services in Chicago understand that. However, if you can allocate your spending and budget for a service such as this, then you would be guaranteed peace of mind, a stress-free night and most of all an absolutely memorable evening. Remember the keys to a successful wedding are food, an open bar, and good music! So pick “The MVP” every time!
Price Range: $ 1,750+

 wedding dj cost

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Disclaimer: This list isn’t 100% accurate and is based on experience, competitive quotes and information circulated among the industry. We do not mean any harm or intend using this blog to poke fun at our competitors. There is enough business to go around and lots of money to be made in each category. We based the above-mentioned categories on a “Basic” package. We assumed the wedding would cater a maximum of 150 guests, within a 50-mile radius of where the DJ is located, 5 Hours of service, basic lights and 2 x 15″ speakers. We are not analyzing any Indian Wedding on this blog since they require a completely different approach. We will visit Indian Weddings on another blog shortly.]

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