When my wife and I began looking for a wedding DJ we were overwhelmed. We had a mixed culture wedding (Indian & Catholic ceremonies) and were having a hard time finding someone that could DJ for the Sangeet, Baarat, Indian Ceremony, and Reception, while also having a mix of both Indian/current hits/classic wedding songs mixed in. When we met Ruki he knew exactly what we were going through and looking for. He walked us through all of the steps and absolutely crushed every event. He had everyone dancing the entire weekend (Even me and I hate dancing)! The mix of music styles/cultures was perfectly done. Ruki also helped explain everything related to the events in the planning phase which was great because I would have definitely not have known what to do/pick for several of the Indian events.

In addition to the above, he was extremely responsive throughout the entire planning process, and even helped with a few things that I consider going above and beyond his normal duties. He met us on his own time before the wedding to ensure all the details were correct and that we had the proper songs picked out. Picking Ruki is like getting a free wedding event consultant along with the DJ.

As noted above, we had Ruki for 2 days and 4 separate events, which all went very smooth! Ruki is a definite must have for wedding receptions, especially if you are planning a mixed culture or Indian wedding.

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