We use to frequent Ruki’s Thursday nights at Kerryman for years – its actually where my husband and I reacquainted ourselves! So when we started to plan our wedding, Ruki was BY FAR the first choice! I mean have you ever been to one of his DJ events? You can’t leave the dance floor for a drink because you dont want to miss the dancing! He mixes. Not just play music with transitions, he actually mixes. But we were like, does he even know how to DJ a wedding? Well apparently he is a Wedding DJ as well! AMAZING!!!

When he met with us, he put our mind at ease on choosing him. He was upfront with us with what he can do and cannot do – which worked great for us. He doesn’t do all the video djing stuff, but we could care less about that. He didn’t have a dhol player, but could recommend one or work with any we hired. He worked so well with the one we hired. I mean, if we had Ruki, that’s ALL we cared about. He knows how to keep the dance floor packed and play the music we would want.

Ruki is also exceptional when it comes to wedding planning. From the wedding tool he has you fill out, he knows the timing of all the events. He keeps track of the timing and let’s you know when you need to move to the next item. He is another set of eyes that you need!

I am so glad we went with Ruki for our wedding events and that he was luckily available! He was great to work with, kept the dance floor packed (One of our guest told us that he couldn’t believe that 90% of the guests were on the dance floor till the end of the night), worked with a Baraat that was dealing with Rain, and went out of his way for us – DJ our afterparty!

We cant wait to see him DJ at my sisterinlaws wedding in Michigan – June 2016!

Thanks RUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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