I hired Ruki for my wedding recption this past January and he rocked it! Everyone LOVED him and he knew how to cater to my crowd. I had mainly young hospitality/entertainment industry as guests and he knew how to play all the most popular hits along with some good hip hop. And for those who were older, he played a good mix of oldies for them, but ones that younger ones knew and enjoyed as well. There was no awkwardness in his music selection, especially since I didn’t have the time to create a playlist. I’m glad I trusted him with the selection. I don’t think I would’ve done a better job since I didn’t know most of the names of the songs, but knew the songs themselves! He is definitely well worth the money spent. And since he DJ’s as a profession and does it nearly everyday at local nighclubs, bars, corporate events, etc., he is really experienced with all age groups and all genres of music. I’ve hired him in the past for my nightclub as well and I was worried that he may not be able to conform to a wedding scenario, but obviously, I didn’t know that he was doing weddings for a while now. So it was a pleasant surprise and he did an A+++++ job! He was a great MC too, which alot of wedding DJs can’t do. Usually you have to hire a separate MC, but I got two for one! Thanks Ruki for a job well done!

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