I already said this on Yelp, but I’ll say it again: Ruki is the man.

If you’re a soon-to-be-wed couple, here’s just some general advice. Make a schedule for the day, rehearse that schedule, put people in charge of things , and hire someone to keep the whole show running on time.

That being said, if none of that ends up happening, don’t worry–Ruki will probably just cover it all for you like he did for us. The entire evening, toasts, special dances, and the very brief ceremony all ran on time thanks to Ruki and his staff. Plus, ahead of time, the setup staff was awesome about rearranging the setup last minute.

As for the music, I saved the best for last. I would describe my wife and I as “We’re not hipsters, but everyone who’s not from Chicago calls us hipsters.” We have particular music tastes and our wedding was mostly young people and family. So we wanted this wedding to be about 15 minutes of ceremony followed by three hours of dance party. Our first concern was having some cornball Top 40 music that everyone rolled their eyes at. Our second was obviously that people wouldn’t dance.

Luckily, as soon as the music started, neither of those were even close to an issue. People from grandparents to college kids were dancings their nuts off and everyone just kept telling us how awesome the music was. It was energetic, it was sweaty, it was awesome.

Better yet, before the show starts, the tools on the Dreamhouse website make personalizing the night a snap, and every meeting with Ruki was friendly and super helpful.

I’m rambling on, and probably saying what all the other reviews already did, but seriously he’s the best. If you get an iPod for a DJ, everyone will hate you including me.

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