Reviewing a DJ in general, especially one as great at Ruki and DHP, requires a lot of words, and so I’m going to try to break it down for anyone looking for a fantastic DJ for their event (you should book him. seriously)

What Services did he do for you?

I believe we had the premium package — he DJ’d our sangeet (inc. performances), baraat, ceremony, and reception, and got us the uplights.

Overall Happiness?

in a word, absolutely. When we met Ruki, we were relatively early in our planning. From the get go, Ruki was professional, kind, gave us tips for a successful DJ experience, advised us on how he works, his timeline as the date gets closer, and is happy to answer any DJ questions for us. As we continued working with him, we developed a great rapport, and as we filled him in on our progressions with planning, he had some really helpful tips to share with us.

mixes/choice of music?

We actually got a ton of compliments on the music. Even aunties were coming up to the both of us and commenting on the music! Ruki is definitely current, and I personally think his mixes were excellent. What’s great about his set up is that you provide him with must play lists of songs, and “absolutely do not play” lists. We made sure to keep out stuff that the definitely didn’t want (macarena? yikes) and stuff that we absolutely wanted to hear. Generally, I told him keep it new, pop/hiphop, and bhangra-y, and let him have at it. It turned out great.

sound/lighting system?

His sound system was great for us — we had approx. a 250 seat wedding, so we didn’t need something super loud/etc. Ruki has pretty much all the equipment one would need for a super large wedding as well — the couple who referred him to us had a 500 or so seat wedding, and had zero issues with equipment.

With the lighting stuff, we also didn’t do a whole lot here (i think we did his premium package set up). As I said, for the smaller venue it was really great. (we also had party LED batons for the dance floor which we thought were a great add to the party)

One thing especially to be aware of is that he has his own uplight set. Depending on who you’re using for decor, your typical decor company will probably charge you more for uplights than ruki will. We saved a decent amount just on that, and as you start to approach your budget markers, every bit of savings helps.

Any Disadvantages?

Honestly, not really. Anything that Ruki can help with he does, and any glitches over the course of your wedding night/weekend that involves him is fixed ASAP. If I had to do it again, or had to help out with any one else’s, I would absolutely recommend Ruki.

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