BDJP! Best Disc Jockey Period!! DJ Ruki did a phenomenal job at our wedding. When hosting a wedding, one of the core items you have to nail down to ensure your guests have an epic time is having great music, and DJ Ruki delivered!! DJ Ruki excels at reading the crowd (different ages and ethnicities) and balances the music accordingly. He is well versed in Indian music and kept the Indian parentals and adults on the dance floor busting a move. He then seamlessly transitioned to more American music for the young adults. DJ Ruki doesn’t just play one song after another either. He’ll play the main chorus and melodies of a song while surveying the atmosphere and engagement on the dance floor, switching it out for another in such a way that energizes the guests and keeps them moving and dancing hard. And from song to song, DJ Ruki is working hard, spinning, mixing, and overlapping tunes to provide ridiculous transitions from the current song to the next. Overall, when you still see over 200 guests on the dance floor after 1 AM, you know DJ Ruki is hitting the right notes and providing the crowd unparalleled entertainment. For your guests, there is nothing more you can ask for from your DJ.

Aside from the dance floor duties, DJ Ruki does a great job with event management logistics and making sure your wedding and all its events and moving parts take place on time without a hitch. He works with all the vendors and banquet hall staff to make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to execute their responsibilities for items like the cake cutting or bride and groom’s first dance. DJ Ruki is professional, organized, and reliable, and he knows when to take charge. During our wedding we had a program with several performances and speeches back to back which included instruments, singing and dancing, music, multimedia, and other technology, and with his experience and expertise, the program went flawlessly. DJ Ruki ensured everyone was ready to go when the bride and groom and their families were ready.

If you want a DJ for your wedding, choosing DJ Ruki will be the easiest decision you will make during planning. There is no need to speak to any other DJs. You will not be disappointed and you and your guests are guaranteed to have a fantastic time. I recommend DJ Ruki for everyone.

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