If you are planning a party or wedding and are looking for the BEST DJ out there? Then look no farther, you found him.

I stumbled upon DJ Ruki in a Chicago bar several years ago. Myself and a friend of mine were out and about hanging out and walked into a bar where Ruki was DJing at. It took no time at all to realize this guy was GOOD. So good, in fact, that another friend was in town for a wedding and she brought the WHOLE wedding party and family out to the bar to party and dance with Ruki. and boy did he deliver.

Fast forward about 5 years and it’s time for my wedding. I didn’t even shop around, DJ Ruki was the ONLY option. My now husband was nervous, he had never heard of this guy, but I told him “trust me on this one”.

DJ Ruki traveled to Ferndale, MI to DJ our wedding at the Rust Belt Market. He was fantastic. From the time we signed the contract, there was nothing but professionalism and ease. He played exactly type of music we wanted during cocktail hour and dinner. He stepped in and helped the wedding coordinator release tables for dinner when she was busy doing other things. He entertained the kids with music they enjoyed while the adults were eating….and once it came time to dance, I have never seen people swarm a dance floor so fast. And it never stopped. People were dancing THE ENTIRE TIME (including my 90 year old grandfather)!! it was actually amazing.

I put a lot of hard work in the planning of our wedding (and I wouldn’t change it for the world), but still 2 weeks later, I hear more about the DJ than anything else.

Here are a few comments I’ve heard over the past week:

“Thumbs up! He even listened to me when I wanted a song played.” – 5 year old little girl

“BEST DJ EVER!” – 28 year old man

“Does he have mix tapes?” – 29 year old woman

“OMG, this guy is amazing! We are totally booking him for our wedding in Oct.” – 36 year old man

“I didnt know it was possible to have that many people dancing the entire time at a wedding. We even have booze left over because people were dancing more than drinking.” – 59 year old Father of the Bride

“That was the most fun I’ve had in a VERY long time. Thank you.” – 90 year old Grandfather of the Bride

To sum it up, DJ Ruki is incredible. He played to our crowd, young and old, for the entire night. I could not have asked for anything better. It was the best night of my life and I owe part of that to this amazing DJ.

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