I’ve used DJ Ruki for fundraisers and multiple weddings including my own. I’ve recommended him to both friends and family who have all had the same awesome experiences I have had. His talent as a DJ is unrivaled! Take one look at his resume and you know he will make your next event a party.
When couples look for DJ’s for their wedding one thing that is overlooked is professionalism and microphone presence. How many weddings have you been to and the DJ thinks it’s amateur comedy hour or that the guests are there for him/her? Ruki is extremely classy and professional. He is rock-solid on the microphone with announcements and most importantly making sure all the reception activities (wedding party, intro, cake cutting, speeches, dances) run smoothly, orderly and efficiently. Preparation for these activities often falls through the cracks, but not with Ruki. When we met with him he had all the right questions for us that we never would have thought of and consequently he gave us the right answers too! He made it so we didn’t have to think or worry about any of the reception activities. There’s no doubt Ruki will make your next event a great time and I cannot speak highly enough about his professionalism for weddings or other formal affairs…it’s invaluable! – Joe K

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