We hired Ruki to DJ our wedding in New York City in 2013. Before the wedding, he did a great job of making sure he knew exactly what we wanted him to do, and he followed through on everything perfectly. He knows exactly how to work a crowd, and played the perfect setlist. At one point, our flower girl froze up at the beginning of a dance she was performing. He noticed what was happening, stopped the music, and apologized for “his mistake” (he did nothing wrong, he just wanted to take the pressure off of her so she could get through her performance). He gave her a moment to gather herself, and then kicked it off again – I can’t believe how perceptive he was! He also did a great job of making sure we were happy with everything the entire night while keeping us on schedule.

I would absolutely hire him again for any future events. It was most definitely worth the cost of flying him out here for his services.

May 26, 2013

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