We absolutely loved working with Ruki and the DHP team!

We hired them to DJ 2 days of events for our fusion, multi-cultural Indian and Chinese wedding (Indian ceremony and dancing, Chinese reception) with Western elements, and they executed awesomely!

In addition to being very personable, kind, and energetic, here are a few highlights that set them above and beyond:

– Attentiveness: Ruki took the time to speak with us multiple times, including talking for an hour(!) a few days before our wedding, to make sure all the song choices were to our liking. I felt he really listened to our needs and the music we wanted for each event, as well as gave constructive, crowd-appropriate song suggestions.

– Efficiency/quickness: Admittedly, we were slackers and didn’t fill out the song portal till the last minute. However, Ruki and his team were amazing and were able to turn out the playlists for 2 very different events (a dance reception and a sit-down banquet dinner) super quickly!

– Cultural competence: For our dance reception, Ruki was very mindful about song choices that would also cater to the older, Indian crowd including bhangra. We really appreciated his insight to help keep all the guests dancing!

– Ability to work well on the fly: In addition to our putting the playlist together last minute, my mom did not have the Chinese Tea Ceremony planned till last minute (not recommended, haha). Ruki was so accommodating, and was able to read all the names of our relatives (complicated Chinese and Indian names may I add) with very short notice and talk through the whole tea ceremony, which turned out better than we imagined.

– Easy to use portal: The DHP portal to create our playlist was very easy to use, and even gave us some really helpful song suggestions via awesome lists of music for various genres.

Also, shout out to Vaughn Goy! When Ruki had a family emergency on the first night, Vaughn seamlessly stepped in and was able to hold down fort. A huge testimony to his talent and ability to read the crowd is that the DANCE FLOOR WAS FULL THE ENTIRE NIGHT from the time it opened!! It started to rain (cue the Alanis Morissette) part way through the dance reception and the power went out, but he was able to handle that “mini crisis” calmly and efficiently, so that the party could continue on. And thank you for the suggestion for the last song (good choice on the Third Eye Blind), and for playing an encore song! We and the guests made a big dance circle, and sang our hearts out to Bohemian Rhapsody. It was one of my favorite memories from our dance reception!

Overall, we may have not been the easiest clients to work with due to all our time delays, but Ruki and his team handled it all so patiently and professionally. More than 1+ month after, we are still getting compliments on how great the DJ/music was, and how much fun everyone had. Thank you, Ruki, Vaughn, and Dream House Productions! Could not imagine entrusting anyone else with the music on our big day. Highly recommended!!

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