A few key factors need to be considered to ensure your reception flows without a hitch. Not every couple has the luxury to be able to hire a wedding planner or a Wedding DJ service that has a vested interest in the planning aspects of things. Therefore, here are a just a few suggestions that you can practice to ensure your celebration will be problem free from a wedding DJ’s point of view. Remember careful planning is of the utmost importance and can decide between you the couple focusing on enjoying your night vs worrying about everything.

  • You want to make sure you provide the DJ with all the information to execute the plan you have in mind. Make sure you have provided your DJ with a floor plan, time-line, program and music selections ahead of time, usually at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding day. This will provide the Wedding  DJ and MC with enough time to study and get familiar with all the requirements. Remember it is your duty to provide key songs and instructions to guarantee a good job from your DJ.
  • If you don’t have a wedding planner, then pick someone from your wedding party or family to be the point of contact. This can save you a lot of trouble with not having to deal with multiple vendors coming up to you all night with questions. Have a very clear program and timeline in place and have your point of contact study it inside out. Since you will be working with different vendors there will also be different variations of a timeline floating around. Create and centralize a timeline to be accessed by all. You can use a service like Goggle Docs where any changes you make will reflect on the forms and your vendors will always have the latest updated version.
  • When you work on your timeline make sure that all the events during the course of the night flow smoothly. You might want to group a few toasts together based on the caterer’s schedule to make sure you knock those out of the way in a timely manner. If you have a blessing on your timeline make sure the blessing is completed before the salad is served. Things like the cake cutting can be a non event if it isn’t placed in the right order on your timeline. People sometimes continue talking and walking around during the cake cutting. To avoid this, you can go in to the cake cutting right after the introductions. Your guests will already be standing and focused on you so they wont have a choice but to pay attention.
  • If you choose to start a song at a specific time to be used for an introduction, first dance or any other event during the night make sure you provide your DJ with the exact start and end time. You also might want to use a YouTube video link as a point of reference due to the fact that the same song may have different timings when purchased on different platforms so the cue points might be a few seconds off. This will ensure that the song can be edited exactly the way you envisioned it.
  • When you are working on your seating arrangement for your reception always pay close attention to where the DJ will be situated. You don’t want to seat your elderly guests close the speakers. Try your best to always have a younger batch of guests closer to the speakers.
  • The bar area is going to be a very important area that your guests will congregate throughout the night. Therefore, it is very important to place the bar at the venue, strategically. For instance, if your bar is outside the room, the dance floor will look and feel empty because you will split the crowd in half. Some venues don’t give you a choice in this matter and you might have to conform to the layout. However, if you have the ability to pick the location of your bar then you will ensure that the room will always look lively and full. This always equates to an entertaining dance floor.

We hope the information we shared with you was helpful and we wish you all the very best on your big day. Be aware that the above mentioned points are based mainly from a Wedding DJ’s point of view. There will be a lot more details that you would have to consider to make sure your night is stress free. Take the time and plan everything down on paper. You will appreciate it on the day of your celebration.


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