Chicago Indian Wedding DJ Reviews: Welcome to Dream House Productions “The” Chicago Indian Wedding DJ service. We cater to South Asian Weddings around the country. We have travelled to over 20 states to provide our trade mark style of DJ’ing at Wedding Receptions, Ceremonies, Baraat’s, Mehndi’s, Sangeeth’s and, Garba’s. We pride ourselves as one of the best in the industry. We don’t just state facts we can also back them up. That’s why we are one of the “ONLY” Indian Wedding DJ companies in Chicago that have won the coveted BEST WEDDINGS award twice in a row in 2018 & 2019. Our clients mean the world to us and we wouldn’t be where we are right now, at the top, without the support and love of each and every couple. That’s why a few of our “Dream” couples took the time out of their busy schedule to us with Chicago Indian Wedding DJ Reviews. We are really grateful and hope to bring the same level of service to an Indian Wedding near you.

Shakhi Majumdar & Aly Lalani

The Drake Hotel, Chicago IL

Chicago Wedding DJ We are so happy that we worked with Ruki & Dream House for our wedding earlier this fall.  Ruki executes wonderfully for all three of the events we needed him for – he provided a great Bollywood style playlist that got everyone on the dance floor at our Sangeet, orchestrated the sound and music for the religious ceremonies perfectly and read the crowd well for our evening reception, mixing both Bollywood with US pop and other crowd favorites to keep people dancing for hours. His song database was easy to work with and he was super friendly and professional. We would recommend him to anyone!

Alice Chow & Sidd Bhola

Chicago Illuminating Company. Chicago, IL and Phoenix Restaurant, Chicago IL

Chicago Indian Wedding Dj reviews We absolutely loved working with Ruki and the DHP team! We hired them to DJ 2 days of events for our fusion, multi-cultural Indian and Chinese wedding (Indian ceremony and dancing, Chinese reception) with Western elements, and they executed awesomely! In addition to being very personable, kind, and energetic, here are a few highlights that set them above and beyond: – Attentiveness: Ruki took the time to speak with us multiple times, including talking for an hour(!) a few days before our wedding, to make sure all the song choices were to our liking. I felt he really listened to our needs and the music we wanted for each event, as well as gave constructive, crowd-appropriate song suggestions. – Efficiency/quickness: Admittedly, we were slackers and didn’t fill out the song portal till the last minute. However, Ruki and his team were amazing and were able to turn out the playlists for 2 very different events (a dance reception and a sit-down banquet dinner) super quickly! – Cultural competence: For our dance reception, Ruki was very mindful about song choices that would also cater to the older, Indian crowd including bhangra. We really appreciated his insight to help keep all the guests dancing! – Ability to work well on the fly: In addition to our putting the playlist together last minute, my mom did not have the Chinese Tea Ceremony planned till last minute (not recommended, haha). Ruki was so accommodating, and was able to read all the names of our relatives (complicated Chinese and Indian names may I add) with very short notice and talk through the whole tea ceremony, which turned out better than we imagined. – Easy to use portal: The DHP portal to create our playlist was very easy to use, and even gave us some really helpful song suggestions via awesome lists of music for various genres. Also, shout out to Vaughn Goy! When Ruki had a family emergency on the first night, Vaughn seamlessly stepped in and was able to hold down fort. A huge testimony to his talent and ability to read the crowd is that the DANCE FLOOR WAS FULL THE ENTIRE NIGHT from the time it opened!! It started to rain (cue the Alanis Morissette) part way through the dance reception and the power went out, but he was able to handle that “mini crisis” calmly and efficiently, so that the party could continue on. And thank you for the suggestion for the last song (good choice on the Third Eye Blind), and for playing an encore song! We and the guests made a big dance circle, and sang our hearts out to Bohemian Rhapsody. It was one of my favorite memories from our dance reception! Overall, we may have not been the easiest clients to work with due to all our time delays, but Ruki and his team handled it all so patiently and professionally. More than 1+ month after, we are still getting compliments on how great the DJ/music was, and how much fun everyone had. Thank you, Ruki, Vaughn, and Dream House Productions! Could not imagine entrusting anyone else with the music on our big day. Highly recommended!!

Megha Patel & Aian Mazumder

Pearl Banquet & Conference Center. Roselle IL

Wedding Dj Reviews My wife and I got married in June 2018.  We’re both very Type A people when it comes to organization and planning, especially when it came to our wedding.  We talked to and received quotes from several DJs for our [traditional Indian] wedding and [Bollywood & hiphop mixed] reception.  Many were recommended to us by friends.  We were not impressed by many of the DJs we talked to prior.  Many of them seemed unorganized, had poor communication skills, and some never even got back to us.  We got DJ Ruki’s name from a friend and contacted him.  Within 2 minutes of our first phone call, we knew he was the perfect DJ for our wedding.  He was extremely organized, articulated many details that we would have never thought of, and did a great job of explaining his services and options in terms of packages.  After the phone call, we talked about it and decided to book him that very moment.  We called him back right away and did just that. A few weeks before the wedding, we met in person and went over everything, including the order of events and what information he needed from us.  There were a few things that we missed like the song playing for the cake cutting but with his experience, he helped ensure we had everything ready to go. The morning of the wedding, DJ Ruki was setup and ready to go, without any additional direction from us.  In terms of the traditional Indian/Hindu wedding ceremony, there are very specific songs to be played at specific times.  I edited those tracks, numbered, and sent the mp3 files to DJ Ruki ahead of time.  Without any rehearsals, the entire wedding ceremony went on without a hitch. We also had entrance songs for the reception that I edited and labeled.  The MCs made a mistake with one of the entrances but DJ Ruki was quick to fix it.  Other tracks such as the cake cutting, first dance, mother/son dance, and father/daughter dance were all played in order at the correct time.   For the reception dancing songs, Dream House Productions/DJ Ruki has an online portal to login to and you can search and add songs that you’d like him to mix.  You can categorize them into Definitely Play, Maybe Play, and Do Not Play lists.  The whole process was very convenient and made it simple for us to choose [English] songs we wanted to play.  Since we had an Indian wedding, we also sent him a playlist via Excel document of Hindi/Bollywood songs we wanted for both the baraat (grooms procession) and reception dancing.  Overall, the song selection could not have been simpler.  He had the dance floor full the entire night and we had friends that don’t usually dance never even leave the dance floor. As I said before, organization and communication were a huge priority for us.  There were no moments where we felt that DJ Ruki was out of the loop.  He coordinated with our other vendors to provide the best service that he could and we could not have been happier.  We always had open lines of communication and he always got back to us in a timely manner.  We have absolutely no regrets in hiring Dream House Productions and DJ Ruki to manage and DJ the most important day of our lives and no one else should have any hesitations about hiring him either! tldr:  Best DJ we could have imagined. He was well organized and did everything we could have asked for.  All the tracks and mixes were spot on and the dance floor was full all night. Everyone had a blast.

Ambreen Ahsan & Michael Kennedy

Skokie Holiday Inn. Skokie IL

CHICAGO INDIAN WEDDING DJ We selected Ruki as our Wedding DJ, he was very professional, just a text/phone call away. He worked with us for our song selection and literally had our back throughout our events. We were looking for someone who was able to cater to both South Asian and American Weddings, Ruki did a great job of this. He was able to feel out the crowd and play the appropriate music to keep people on the dance floor. I am very happy that we chose him to be our DJ, he also worked with us with our budget. All our guests were happy and enjoyed themselves the whole night.

Priya Gopwani & Rishi Jain

Macedonian Cultural Center. Sterling Heights, MI

Troy Marriott. Troy MI

Wedding Dj Reviews Reviewing a DJ in general, especially one as great at Ruki and DHP, requires a lot of words, and so I’m going to try to break it down for anyone looking for a fantastic DJ for their event (you should book him.  seriously) What Services did he do for you? I believe we had the premium package — he DJ’d our sangeet (inc. performances), baraat, ceremony, and reception, and got us the uplights. Overall Happiness? in a word, absolutely.  When we met Ruki, we were relatively early in our planning.  From the get go, Ruki was professional, kind, gave us tips for a successful DJ experience, advised us on how he works, his timeline as the date gets closer, and is happy to answer any DJ questions for us.  As we continued working with him, we developed a great rapport, and as we filled him in on our progressions with planning, he had some really helpful tips to share with us. mixes/choice of music? We actually got a ton of compliments on the music.  Even aunties were coming up to the both of us and commenting on the music!  Ruki is definitely current, and I personally think his mixes were excellent.  What’s great about his set up is that you provide him with must play lists of songs, and “absolutely do not play” lists.  We made sure to keep out stuff that the definitely didn’t want (macarena? yikes) and stuff that we absolutely wanted to hear.  Generally, I told him keep it new, pop/hiphop, and bhangra-y, and let him have at it.  It turned out great.   sound/lighting system? His sound system was great for us — we had approx. a 250 seat wedding, so we didn’t need something super loud/etc.  Ruki has pretty much all the equipment one would need for a super large wedding as well — the couple who referred him to us had a 500 or so seat wedding, and had zero issues with equipment.   With the lighting stuff, we also didn’t do a whole lot here (i think we did his premium package set up).  As I said, for the smaller venue it was really great.  (we also had party LED batons for the dance floor which we thought were a great add to the party) One thing especially to be aware of is that he has his own uplight set.  Depending on who you’re using for decor, your typical decor company will probably charge you more for uplights than ruki will.  We saved a decent amount just on that, and as you start to approach your budget markers, every bit of savings helps. Any Disadvantages? Honestly, not really.  Anything that Ruki can help with he does, and any glitches over the course of your wedding night/weekend that involves him is fixed ASAP.  If I had to do it again, or had to help out with any one else’s, I would absolutely recommend Ruki.

Sheetal Rami & Rikin Asher

Embassy Suites by Hilton. Lombard, IL

Danada House. Wheaton, IL

Sheetal Rami & Rikin Asher We use to frequent Ruki’s Thursday nights at Kerryman for years – its actually where my husband and I reacquainted ourselves! So when we started to plan our wedding, Ruki was BY FAR the first choice! I mean have you ever been to one of his DJ events? You can’t leave the dance floor for a drink because you dont want to miss the dancing! He mixes. Not just play music with transitions, he actually mixes. But we were like, does he even know how to DJ a wedding? Well apparently he is a Wedding DJ as well! AMAZING!!! When he met with us, he put our mind at ease on choosing him. He was upfront with us with what he can do and cannot do – which worked great for us. He doesn’t do all the video djing stuff, but we could care less about that. He didn’t have a dhol player, but could recommend one or work with any we hired. He worked so well with the one we hired. I mean, if we had Ruki, that’s ALL we cared about. He knows how to keep the dance floor packed and play the music we would want. Ruki is also exceptional when it comes to wedding planning. From the wedding tool he has you fill out, he knows the timing of all the events. He keeps track of the timing and let’s you know when you need to move to the next item. He is another set of eyes that you need! I am so glad we went with Ruki for our wedding events and that he was luckily available! He was great to work with, kept the dance floor packed (One of our guest told us that he couldn’t believe that 90% of the guests were on the dance floor till the end of the night), worked with a Baraat that was dealing with Rain, and went out of his way for us – DJ our afterparty! We cant wait to see him DJ at my sisterinlaws wedding in Michigan – June 2016! Thanks RUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sameena Mohammed & Huzeifa Nabijee

White Eagle Golf Club. Naperville IL

Chicago Indian Wedding DJ Ruki did a great job at our wedding! We were worried people wouldn’t dance bc it was a dry wedding but Ruki kept the dance floor packed the whole time!! He did a good job picking songs to suit the mood of the crowd.  Highly recommend.

Shilpa Tekula & Visishta Dalavayi

The Henry. Dearborn, MI

Chicago Indian Wedding DJ Reviews I know it’s a little late, but here goes. We got married August 13th, 2017 in Detroit. We couldn’t have picked a better DJ than Ruki. I wanna thank The Knot for the recommendation. From the time of initial contact to the day of the wedding; he was very professional, always reachable in case of a query or doubt. He did such an amazing job coordinating everything. He just wasn’t our DJ, but he had even arranged for our uplighting around the venue. It made it ever so magical. At the night of our reception, there were a lot of last-minute add-ins (you know how Indian weddings can get) and Ruki was super patient and accommodating; that literally made our day. The music was on point! Everyone had such a great time. Played the perfect mix of songs to keep the crowd on their toes all night. Thank you so much Ruki, you made that day so much more memorable! We already had so many people at the wedding itself ask about Ruki and Dream House; we were more than happy to pass on the contact info.  So yes! we definitely recommend him to anyone planning a wedding. You will NOT regret it. Thanks again Ruki

Shruti Shah & Victor Bernardi

Ashyana Banquets Downers Grove, IL

Chicago Indian Wedding DJ When my wife and I began looking for a wedding DJ we were overwhelmed. We had a mixed culture wedding (Indian & Catholic ceremonies) and were having a hard time finding someone that could DJ for the Sangeet, Baarat, Indian Ceremony, and Reception, while also having a mix of both Indian/current hits/classic wedding songs mixed in. When we met Ruki he knew exactly what we were going through and looking for. He walked us through all of the steps and absolutely crushed every event. He had everyone dancing the entire weekend (Even me and I hate dancing)! The mix of music styles/cultures was perfectly done. Ruki also helped explain everything related to the events in the planning phase which was great because I would have definitely not have known what to do/pick for several of the Indian events. In addition to the above, he was extremely responsive throughout the entire planning process, and even helped with a few things that I consider going above and beyond his normal duties. He met us on his own time before the wedding to ensure all the details were correct and that we had the proper songs picked out. Picking Ruki is like getting a free wedding event consultant along with the DJ. As noted above, we had Ruki for 2 days and 4 separate events, which all went very smooth! Ruki is a definite must have for wedding receptions, especially if you are planning a mixed culture or Indian wedding.

Jamie Rhodes & Vinny Sharma

Marriott Chicago Southwest Burr Ridge IL

Indian Wedding Ruki was one of the biggest highlights of our wedding day! From the day we met him, we could tell that Ruki’s electrifying personality and pure professionalism were exactly what we hoped for in a wedding DJ. But that said, Ruki isn’t just a DJ: he’s a sound tech, lighting extraordinaire, and mashup machine! We loved the online tool for our music selections and timeline. He kept us organized, on scheduled, and even coordinated with all of our vendors to make sure our day ran smoothly – Ruki was there with us from 10am (and earlier to set-up) until midnight. He coordinated with our dhol player for the Baraat music, arranged sound for both of our ceremonies, and of course rocked a dance party reception. He designed a beautiful uplight set-up and dance floor lighting to really make our decor pop. When it came time for dancing, our guests couldn’t stop raving about how awesome the party was! We didn’t leave the dance floor all night. He went above and beyond, and I hope we can have another party someday just so Ruki can bring the house down again!

Sameet Desai & Alexis Mandrell

Doubletree Hotel Oak Brook IL & Drury Lane Oak Brook Terrace IL

Best Chicago DJ Ruki and his team went above and beyond to assist with our wedding. On the event days, he made sure things ran smoothly, even things that were out of the scope of a DJ’s normal tasks. He even MC’d our event and did a fantastic job which saved us additional $ from not having to hire an MC or having to ask a friend/relative to do so. He was very easy to work with and he catered to any changes or requests we had, no matter how last minute. I would definitely recommend Dream House Productions for any of your future wedding needs.

Chirag Patel & Pretty Kalaria

Donald E Stephens Convention Center. Rosemont IL

We were in the market for a DJ for our spring 2019 wedding. Chirag and I both have a love for music Bollywood, old school hip/hop and everything in between, so we knew that for our wedding, the DJ had to be a rockstar. Typical Gujurati weddings in Chicago go with the comfortable choice of a Gujurati DJ that plays the same music regardless of who the couple is. However, we thought it was played out and wanted something different and unique. Pretty being a native Chicagoan had heard DJ Ruki spin in bars, clubs and events throughout Chicago and at first listen we fell in love with his style of spinning and his passion of the music. We booked DJ Ruki and from day one working with him was phenomenal! He took the time to understand us as a couple and our taste in music. He was super responsive to our needs every step of the way while being professional with us and our other vendors. Friday night we had an Evening of Entertainment casino themed night in which DJ Ruki played a variety of Bollywood and American music, along with some Bond themes songs as per our request. After some family dances he played some garba music, followed by some old school hip-hop which gave our guests a taste of what was to come. The bharat was just what the Chirag asked for, Bollywood mixed with old school hip-hop and a shout out to North Carolina with Petey Pablo. DJ Ruki killed it at our wedding reception, by entertaining all 700 of our guests playing non-stop hit after hit across all decades and genres with his personal twist on each mix. His music and style transformed our reception into a club atmosphere with the dance floor packed all night until 1:30AM, with the crowd wanting one more song! For any couple looking for s DJ for their wedding or any event we highly recommend DJ Ruki, as you will not be disappointed. Thank you DJ Ruki and Dream House Productions for making our wedding the talk of town and most importantly your friendship we gained while working with you. We will forever be grateful that you uplifted 700 people off their seats and rocked the Rosemont Convention center louder than ever!!!!!!

Nisha Shetty & Pawel Dyk

 Missouri History Museum. St Louis MO

Chicago Indian Wedding DJ We hired Ruki for our wedding – and it was one of the best decisions we made. He is professional, nice, relaxed, and great at his job. Living in St. Louis – I was a little nervous about hiring vendors from out of town but Ruki made it very easy. He was flexible with times to talk to us to make sure the music and experience was what we wanted. And it definitely was perfect!!  He was great about adjusting the music to the crowd. He had everyone out on the dance floor until the very end.  He was able to play music that my 18 year old cousin liked and my new in-laws would dance to! After our wedding – I have received many compliments about my DJ with multiple people telling me that was the best wedding music they have ever heard! I would highly recommend Ruki – you will not regret it!

Iswerya Thilagaraj & Vignesh Packiam

Palmer House Hilton. Chicago IL

Chicago Indian Wedding DJ DJ Ruki did a great job DJing our wedding! We had an Indian wedding and he was able to easily play both Indian and american music to keep everyone on the dance floor. He was very easy to work with and accommodating of any specific requests that we had throughout the process. Many of our guests (who love dance music) said they loved the mixing and were dancing the whole night.

Surbhi Lal & Jonathan Chew

The Drake, Chicago IL

Chicago Indian Wedding DJ Reviews Working with Ruki Dole was a great experience and he helped walk us through what we needed to think through to ensure our wedding was a success. Once everything was put into place, he helped us to review and make sure everything was set before the wedding. Then, during the day of, everything went off without a hitch. Thank you so much for making our wedding a success!

Victoria Rendell & Milap Dubal

Justin Trails Resort. Sparta WI

Chicago Wedding DJ DJ Ruki is very professional and has a ton of experience. The Dream House Production portal is very easy to use and thorough. Vaughn (DJ Kinetic) was the DJ for our reception, which was an Indian fusion wedding. He was excellent! He kept the dance floor going all night long and did a great job mixing Western and Indian songs. The sound quality was great. He was very flexible with a couple last minute adjustments/clarifications on the day of the wedding. We would highly recommend Dream House Production to anyone looking for a wedding DJ!

If you are in the market for a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING DJ SERVICE in the Chicagoland area or any of the states surrounding us please don’t hesitate to contact DREAM HOUSE PRODUCTIONS. You can fill out an inquiry or simply call us at (312) 841-1081.

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